Knoxville based Mortgage Investors Group just completed our 6 week wellness program with America’ 10 City Challenge! We hoped for 20 folks to sign up we had 80 sign up and complete the program. Lives are forever changed! What a life style transformation . As a team 489lbs lost & 152 inches gone. Shauna has assembled an amazing team to bring extraordinary change and knowledge . I recommend every company invest in your employees, change lives. Our company mantra Invest Well, Live Stronger!!

–Sharon Baker Rivers

Coach from the band Tim Montana and the Shrednecks

6 classes – 5 weeks (Knoxville Results)

Grace Week 1, America’s 10 City Challenge

We are truly amazed at the amount of weight we have lost (200 lbs between 17 people in 1 week). Everyone would like to say thank you for the information you provided us and all the support that has helped us get off to a great start.

–Rhonda Dorris, Team Construction, LLC

I lost 15 pounds in 21 days and dropped my blood pressure 20 points on the top number. I’m feeling much better, eating more healthy, and I haven’t been hungry. I’m making healthier choices eating out, too!

Joey Hemphill, Hemphill Brothers Coach Sales

Hemphill Brothers

Thank you Shauna Bryan for all of your support in getting me healthy. Your process of No Diet/Just Eat Healthy is changing my life.

If anyone wants to get healthy…. Shauna Bryan can help you change!!!

John Birdwell
I have lost over 35 pounds. No Diet… Just eating healthier.

Twelve years ago doctors diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. Throughout those years I’ve had good days and bad days. However, even on the good days, there was always pain somewhere. Also during these years, I gained a lot of weight. I never felt like exercising and when I did, I was often injured. Three weeks into this challenge, I began to notice areas of my body in which I experienced daily pain were now pain free. My neck, shoulder blade area, and lower back suddenly didn’t hurt anymore. Obviously something I had been eating was causing inflammation which in turn was causing the pain in my tender points. Wish I knew which food was the trigger. there are still days that I have cravings for sugar or wheat products. I pray God will help me to overcome these. I thank Him for this group and this challenge to eat healthy.

–Judy from Tennessee

In April 2012, I was 59 years old and 100 pounds overweight. Shauna introduced me to a method of eating that has become a lifestyle rather than event. Twelve months later I have lost 50 pounds. Family, friends, and co-workers are in constant amazement of this accomplishment, particularly since it has not included drugs, surgery, exercise or anything other than healthy food.

–Beverly R, Nashville

I would like to give a letter of endorsement to Shauna Bryan on behalf of her JUMP START lifestyle Weight Loss Program.

My Wife and I both enjoyed Shauna teaching us the easy JUMP START lifestyle method and was extremely happy with our end results. I’d recommend this for anyone.

My Wife and I both lost weight we desired by understanding importance in simple activity combined with food choice.

JUMP START process is a smart and effective way to lose weight correctly and get healthier with food.

JUMP START gave us an understanding of the real Vitamins, Minerals, and other important properties inside food value essential to your health when choosing daily meals and snacks. You will look at food in a way you have never looked at food before. Follow JUMP START for instant health results naturally without feeling hungry or deprived in anyway.

Additionally, Shauna’s JUMP START educational process brought the importance of daily exercise activity combined with healthy food choice, to a level of awareness that provides the information needed to make life changing choices. Maintaining our weight became so much easier after having this priceless information. You acquire a skill that will heighten awareness of proper food and food combinations that assist in this unique weight loss process. JUMP START is simply empowering yourself into a new level of health through exercise and food awareness that is ongoing throughout the rest of your life.

Gary Kirves / Artist Events Nashville

Artist Events Nashville